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The Internship Program

Kingdom Worship Institute Internship
OPTION 1:  Summer Internship Program

OPTION 2:  The Apprentice Internship Program

KWI is actively seeking a ministry campus that will house dormitories and conference meeting space.   Beginning 2014, we will offer two types of Residence Programs.

The KWI Internship program is a great option for those individuals in need of Internship Credit.  

The Internship Program provides an opportunity to be involved and minister in an international ministry, offering hands-on experience in a real world environment.  The program will expose students to conference planning, daily duties of office administration, and the opportunity to worship with and be mentored by world class worship leaders.

The Internship program provides training you are not able to receive in a classroom, but will prove valuable for a lifetime!

An eight (8) week residence program.  There will be a tuition requirement.  Tuition will cover room, board, and all textbooks.

This option is ideal for those looking for hands-on training and ministry application opportunities to accompany their formal training or educational requirements.

Students are expected to be enrolled in a community college or an online program whose planned major would be in the area of Praise and Worship or Church Music.

The Apprentice will be responsible for their housing, meals, and all living expenses.  Additionally, there will be a nominal tuition fee for textbooks and needed materials.  They will participate in all the ministry activities from office administration to ministry trips. Possibilities for participation in worship events will be by audition only. Additionally, the student is required to carry no less than six credit hours per semester.

The term for this program will run from September through May. Holiday breaks are built into the schedule and follow the traditional breaks observed by most universities.

Students will be responsible for their food and travel costs when participating in an event or ministry function.

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