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Online Program
This option is perfect for the individual who desires leadership training and mentorship in the area of Praise and Worship, Leadership and Kingdom Principles.

This program is an eight month course and utilizes 10 textbooks in the curriculum.  
KWI Curriculum Concentrates on:


The KWI curriculum is designed to be Experiential, Educational and Impartational, resulting in a three-fold impact in the life of each student.

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Kingdom Worship Institute
If you have any question concerning KWI please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help you.
Students Can Expect the Following:
* Monthly Conference Calls
* Monthly projects and assignments
* Textbook readings 
(reading list will be supplied in the course syllabus)
* Podcast lectures for review and written responses
* Video Conferencing
* Guest Lectures from adjunct faculty and corporate sponsors

Tuition is required for this option.  Textbooks must be purchased separately and are not covered in the cost of tuition.

Upon Completion of the program, a Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to the students, as well as special recognition at the Throne Zone Worship Events sponsored by His Call Ministries. 
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